It is our pleasure to be working with our referrers to provide the most optimal outcomes for our patients through a co-management relationship.

Emergency cases

The Ballarat Eye Clinic has allocated in the bookings template specific appointment slots reserved for urgent/emergency cases. Should you require an urgent booking please have the doctor/optometrist contact us directly by phone and we will ensure that the patients will be fitted in. For after hours emergencies, please call 03-5333 1095 to determine the ophthalmologist on call.
For any other emergencies, the Eye & Ear Hospital can be reached on 03- 9929 8666.
We appreciate your help in providing your patient with a valid referral including your details for correspondence to be sent back to you. Any relevants tests (Visual fields, OCT’s, photos, pathology CT & MRI results etc ) that have been performed would be most helpful and we would invite you to include these with your referral.
Should you not have a referral template, please feel free to download one below:
Secure Electronic Communication between Referrers and Ballarat Eye Clinic
The Ballarat Eye Clinic has adopted the ARGUS messaging software to enable secure electronic communication between ourselves and our referrers. For your reference, argus referrals can be sent to the Ballarat Eye Clinic on (only if you have Argus).
If you are not familiar with Argus we suggest you go to their website,
If you do not have Argus, please call the clinic on 5333 1095 to arrange an alternative way to send through a referral. We also welcome referrals by mail, fax 5333 2918 or via the patient.