Orthoptists are allied health professionals who specialise in disorders of eye movements and diagnostic procedures related to the eye. Orthoptists are university trained and the Ballarat Eye Clinic has six orthoptists working at the practice.

The orthoptists are a key part of our team and in most circumstances the first person you will meet as part of your consultation. Your orthoptic consultation will consist of taking a thorough history, a visual acuity test and perform any other diagnostic examinations or tests depending on your medical history and condition. Your visit is not only about what you present with but we also perform an overall screening of your ocular health. Your Orthoptist will also endevour to answer any questions you have about your condition or treatment plan.

Further information about the Orthoptic profession can be found at www.orthoptics.org.au

Ashleigh Hill

Ba. Orthoptics & Ophthalmic Sc. La Trobe University

Allanah Crameri

Ba. Clinical Vision Sciences, Masters of Orthoptics La Trobe University

Bonnie Yates

Ba. Orthoptics & Ophthalmic Sc. La Trobe University

Hayley Roberts

Dip AppSc (Orth) La Trobe University

Irene Lim

Ba. Orthoptics & Ophthalmic Sc. La Trobe University